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proposes specifically its services to any S.M.E s managers, of which the company is operating on "B to B" markets, and more specifically in the chemical sectors, due the experience of its consultants.

The ©Opaconsult consultancy proposals are designed as a response to a remark widely spread and too often verified that the SME's manager(s):

  • a lack of time, occupied in managing their business on a daily basis,
  • and often too, a lack of the human resources, either in number, or having the required expertise,

given the limited staff resources the SME's have by definition.

The consequence of this lack of time and of resources can thus lead to:

  • the absence of specific plans to improve the profitability in the short and medium term,
  • the absence of specific development and growth strategies, both internal and external.

Here, ©Opaconsult can help you by offering 3 types of services: (see also the page "Services")

  1. consultancy missions leading to very practical recommendations,
  2. tailored training sessions targeting specific staff,
  3. providing temporary and additional human resources with the expertise which is looked for. (Interim Management)

Feel free to contact us (see the page "Contact us").

In any case, you will not waste your time:

  • you will receive an e-mail within 48 hours as an initial response,
  • and if you request an appointment, either by telephone or a visit, you will receive in any case a call report which may contribute to your own thinking.
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