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• Acrobat Reader : free universal software that can read all Acrobat© documents (. pdf format). Most of the documents on this site, in fact those free for downloading, are of Acrobat© type.

• Syntec : is a Trade Unions Federation where all the company members are Consulting experts and in particular those advising the management teams (Syntec Management Consulting). Opaconsult© complies with the best practices recommended by this institutional body and more specifically to the Charter of Ethics (only in French).

• C.N.I.L. : warrants the Internet usersrights and all civil liberties. Opaconsult© complies with all the CNIL directives. This site is registered by the CNIL. The information provided and recorded when using the contact form of this site ("Contact Us") can be provided upon request to the Opaconsult©'s webmaster. And they can be erased upon request.

• UIC : Chemical Industries Union groups all the French primary unions operating in all areas of the Chemistry. This organisation is a source of Regulatory information needed by every company operating in this sector.

• REACH : this European regulation (Registration Evaluation and Authorization of CHemicals) - having force of law in every european countries - is extremely ambitious. Its implementation will extend until 2018 and has an impact on the whole sector, including among common users of chemicals.

• SAP Business One : the German company SAP©, editor of one of the most famous integrated management software (ERP in English), offers SMEs an Enterprise Resource Planning (PGI in French) having all the needed functionalities , but very simpleto implement, and whose cost of ownership can be supported by most SMEs.

• Chimie ParisTech : engineering school specialized in chemistry, with an international reputation, and of which the Junior Enterprise - Chimie Perspectives - can carry out technical studies at very attractive prices. Their alumni can be considered as possible future employees.

• IAE de Paris : Business Management Institute. Their alumni can seen as possible Interim Managers and also as possible future employees.

• OVH : is hosting Opaconsult© company's web site ( OVH offers hosting solutions specifically tailored for SMEs.

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