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We invite you to discover on this page the approaches used by ©Opaconsult in the conduct and execution of typical missions.

However, please note ©Opaconsult only proposed tailored offers. The actual bids may take a different form, whether or not using all or part of what is presented here.

At each of our interventions, we always keep in mind that our philosophy which can be stated as follows:

  • a practical approach, very pragmatic,
  • which takes into account your own competitive environment, and especially,
  • the capacity of your staff to accept and implement the recommendations proposed by ©Opaconsult and you validated.

Profitability improvement

  1. Operational profitability analysis:

    • analysis of product margins,
    • analysis of the packaging wwith the respect of products offer,
    • analysis of marketing costs,
    • analysis of conditions and delays in payment,
    • cost analysis of quality defects,
    • analysis of inventory levels and their turnover rate,
    • analysis of the process of the sales forecasts,
    • analysis of purchases (constraints, prices and payment terms),
    • analysis of the production cycle: time, resources request,
    • analysis of yields and losses,
    • analysis of manufacturing processes,
    • analysis support functions (scheduling, sales administration) costs and staff qualification,

  2. Benchmarking:

    • with the respect of products offer, (extent of the products range, packaging, …),
    • with the respect of services bundled with the products offers,
    • with the respect of sales conditions and payment terms,
    • with the respect of the buying power,

  3. Cash management:

    • process analysis of sales and purchases forecastings,
    • analysis of the supervision process regarding the customer and the supplier payments,
    • analysis of the cash management planning (proposal of simple models),
    • staff training in cash forecasting and recovery of receivables,
    • factoring contracts,

  4. Advices to choose, to set up and/or to optimize an ERP for a finer control of the company:

    • analysis of the situation and of the needs of company,
    • market analysis of ERP dedicated to SMEs,
    • assistance to the ERP configuration,
    • staff training.

Growth strategies

  1. Internal growth:

    • maximizing the performance of sales teams, networks of agents and distributors,
    • relaunch of existing product lines,
    • developing new market segments with existing product lines,
    • selection of R & D projects,
    • launch of new products.

  2. External growth:

    • search and selection of distribution networks in France and abroad. Sales Potential and Profitability.
    • research and evaluation (sales potential and profitability) of products lines, technologies and business assets to buy,
    • research, strategic and financial analysis, of targeted companies with the objective to acquire them. (valuation, legal issues and foreseen integration issues)

For these operations, ©Opaconsult may advise you to find and to choose:

  • dedicated lawyers,
  • financing institutions,

in order to implement effectively and timely these operations.

Staff training

©Opaconsult may also offer special training dedicated to your key personnel involved in the implementation of the recommendations proposed by ©Opaconsult and you agreed.

And more specifically, ©Opaconsult, with the particular experience of its consultants can propose training sessions concerning:

  • the regulatory changes in the field of Chemicals:
  • after analyzing the impact of REACH on your business,
  • after analyzing the impact of new regulations on the labeling of Chemicals (GHS : Global Harmonized System).
  • the use and/or the optimization of the information system (ERP).

Interim Management

At the end of the mission itself, ©Opaconsult may also propose an « Interim Manager », an experienced executive who will be involved in the business for a limited period of time, under your own authority.

He will implement the recommendations with one major objective in mind: to bring the first effective results.


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